Company registration and acting on its behalf

If you have created an account on PUESC and want to represent your company:

  • you need to register it on PUESC, and if the company is already registered, check whether its data is correct
    (it is not about registering your company in the Central Registration and Information on Business or in the National Court Register - you have to do it before),
    and then
  • associate a representative with your company.

On the PUESC, you will register your company and receive an EORI number, as well as register it in the Central Register of Excise Entities (CRPA).

On the PUESC, there is also a service for registering an entrepreneur providing Tax Free services to travellers. 

On the PUESC, you will also check whether the company with which you are associated has submitted up-to-date certificates or declarations in order to exercise the rights set out in Article 33(7) or Article 33a(2) of the Value Added Tax Act or set out in Article 28 of the Excise Duty Act.

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