Customs Tariff

A group of services available on (Customs Tariff portal) and on PUESC

Collecting and exchanging information on foreign trade requires a unified system of classification and description of goods. For this purpose, the EU uses the Combined Nomenclature (CN), which is a development of the world harmonized system for marking and coding goods, known as the Harmonized System (HS). The Common Customs Tariff is a combination of the CN goods classification system and customs duties for each class of goods, applicable throughout the EU. However, an extension of this Tariff is the integrated EU tariff (TARIC) - a database that combines customs tariffs and all measures that must be applied by entities importing or exporting goods. Polish national data (VAT and excise duties) and some national non-tariff measures not integrated in the TARIC database are available in the national tariff browser.

You can learn more about the Integrated Customs Tariff on the Tax Portal (the website opens in a new window).

If you visit PUESC again to use the tariff browser or tariff calculator - use the Customs Tariff website directly (link opens in a new window).


  • you want to obtain information about commodity codes, customs rates, VAT and excise duties, applicable prohibitions and restrictions on the import and export of goods,
  • you are looking for information about tariff quotas or documents required for customs clearance,
  • you want to calculate customs duties and taxes when importing or exporting goods,
  • you want to maintain your own copy of the Customs Tariff database,
  • you want to obtain Binding Tariff Information (BIT),

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