Logging into the PUESC account

You can log in to the PUESC directly using the login and password established during registration.

In addition, PUESC uses publicly available methods of logging into public administration services.

To log in on PUESC:

  • use the "Login" button on the main page of the portal,
  • choose a login path directly on PUESC using your login and password, or
  • choose other ways of logging in.

Read additional information:

Direct login to PUESC

Enter login and password, which you have given during registration of your account, and then confirm with "Login" button.

Note! If you do not remember your password, select "Forgot my password" in the login window, then in the password recovery window enter your e-mail address (login) and correctly enter the code from the image. Confirm the data you have entered with the "Send" button.  If the data has been entered correctly, you will receive a message containing a link to reset your password and instructions on how to proceed in order to regain access to PUESC.

Other login methods

If you select the login path by other means then:

  • you will be redirected to the login page of the Ministry of Finance services,
  • you will be able to choose one of the ways of logging in:
    • Login.gov.pl - logging in with a trusted profile, e-card or electronic banking, or
    • mObywatel - logging in using the mObywatel application,
  • follow the instructions on the screen.

Note! The mObywatel app is a digital wallet for documents and services. It also allows you to log in to public administration services. It is available for Android and iOS devices. You can find out more about the application at GOV.PL (the page opens in a new window).

You can download the application in the App Store and Google Play shops.

If you enter an incorrect password three times during login, access to your PUESC account will be blocked for 30 minutes. After this time, your ability to log in to PUESC will be automatically restored.

If you cannot wait, then use the telephone assistance of SISC Help Desk consultants.

Prepare the following data:

  • e-mail address (login of your account on PUESC),
  • PESEL (if you don't have PESEL, please prepare your document number, which you indicated during PUESC registration).

Call the SISC Help Desk and provide this data to the consultant. You will be asked for your first and last name, as your PUESC account login is assigned to you.

Your account will be unlocked by the consultant and your ability to log in on PUESC will be restored.

  • log in to the PUESC,
  • go to "My Desktop", then "My Data",
  • change your login name (e-mail address), using the button "Edit data",
  • use "Save data" button.

If you do not have access to the email account whose address was used to set up your account on PUESC (PUESC login), and you have forgotten your PUESC account password, follow the instructions below:

You do not have a qualified signature or a trusted profile:

  • go with a document confirming your identity to the seat of the nearest customs and treasury office, delegation of the customs and treasury office or customs branch - addresses of customs and treasury units can be found on the GOV.PL website (the page opens in a new window).

You have a qualified signature or a trusted profile:

  1. in the application for a new login for your PUESC account provide:
  • your personal data: first name, surname,
  • e-mail account (PUESC login), to which you have lost access and
  • your new e-mail address, which will be your new login to your account on PUESC,

         application may look like this:

Jan Kowalski
place, date ...................

address (optional)

                                                                                              National Revenue Administration

                                                                                              PUESC Administration

I have lost access to the e-mail account ............@..............  which address I indicated during registration as login for account on Tax and Customs Electronic Services Portal (PUESC).

Therefore, I would like to request you to change your current e-mail address to the following ..................@................... I will use the new address as login for my account on PUESC.


Jan Kowalski

signed electronically

  1. please sign your application electronically:
  2. attach the signed application to an e-mail message - important:
    • in the subject line of the email please be sure to type: PUESC LOGIN CHANGE SPECIAL PROCEDURE,
      Note! The subject line of the email must be identical - copy it.
    • in the content of the message type: Please change email address for (include your name and year of birth),
  3. send the message with the attachment to: helpdesk-eclo@mf.gov.pl 
  4. within 24 hours you will receive:
    • a first email that the request has been registered with the Central Service Desk (CSD) - the message will include the request number (ZGL),
    • a second e-mail that your request has been closed - the message will contain the solution to the problem,
    • third email with activation link - title: PUESC: Change of e-mail address,
  5. in order to change your e-mail address (PUESC login), follow the instructions contained in the content of the received solution and in the message with the activation link.

If, after applying the described steps, you are still unable to log in to your account on PUESC, please call the SISC Help Desk. Provide the request number (ZGL) that you received in the first email.

You can customise the appearance of the website - in particular the font size and contrast.

Information about services and news is available. You can view a list of forms, but individual forms are not available.

You can always return to the home page. Click on the PUESC logo or on the first link "PUESC" in the breadcrumb.

From the information provided in the path you will find out where you are in the portal.

If you need help, you will find the following under the Help tab:

  • information about how the PUESC service works,
  • answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ),
  • information on when and how to use the support of Help Desk consultants of SISC or National Revenue Information Centre.

In the footer of the home page you will find, among others:

  • basic information about PUESC - how to get started and how to use the service,
  • regulations for using the PUESC,
  • declaration of availability of the puesc.gov.pl service,
  • privacy policy of the Ministry of Finance,
  • personal data processing clauses (GDPR),
  • basic information about the Tax and Customs Information System (SISC) and ongoing work on its development.

Additional information can be found if you click on the logos of the European Union, European Funds, Ministry of Finance or the National Revenue Administration.

You can use those elements which are available before logging in.

In addition, you have access to your desktop, to selected forms and to selected messages on the News page.

In the header of the home page you will see your name. This indicates that you have logged in correctly. This is also where you will log out of your account on PUESC.

You can find additional information about the provided functionalities of your desktop in "My Desktop, my documents - how to use the PUESC portal".