KAS (National Revenue Administration) customer area

If you want:

  • send an electronic application, declaration or other document regarding customs or taxes cases that are handled at PUESC,
  • find information from registers and other tools made available by KAS,
  • receive decisions, confirmations or information on pending cases,
  • report problems related to the use of services to the Help Desk SISC,
  • pay customs duties, taxes and other fees online,

create an account on the Tax and Customs Electronic Services Portal (PUESC).

Learn more about PUESC and find a service you are interested in on the website. You can also find it in the Service catalog under the Tax and customs services tab.

If you want to use a form to submit an application, make some changes to your account or obtain information, find it in the available services in the  "KAS customer area" or in the Forms catalog in Forms tab.