At PUESC, we provide access to all messages - actual and archival - published on the portal.

In the side menu you will find messages grouped thematically on:

  • messages about unavailability - current and archival broken down by years,
  • messages in the area of ​​Excise duties, gambling, movements and transports broken down into groups of services,
  • messages in the area of ​​Customs, border and statistics broken down into groups of services,
  • messages in the area of ​​Handling of applications and guarantees broken down into groups of services,
  • messages from the KAS customer area with a separate group of e-Payments services,
  • messages in the area of Network services broken down into systems
  • SELECTED NEWS - here you will find messages and information in selected thematic areas (groups of services). To use this function, select the subject areas and / or groups of services in the Newsletter service that interest you. To do this, click the Manage the Newsletter service button in the NEWS tab. This service is available after logging in to PUESC. You can learn more in the How to use the Newsletter service section.

Messages about actual unavailability (ACTUAL) refer to the ongoing unavailability of services on the PUESC portal or difficulties in using them. After the deadline for which the unavailability of services has been announced, these messages are moved by the portal administrator to the group of archival messages (ARCHIVAL).

You can also find messages about unavailable services in the appropriate area.

Other messages that are not related to the unavailability of services can be found in the appropriate area. These areas correspond to the thematic areas into which the services available on the portal have been divided - in the TAX AND CUSTOMS SERVICES section available from the top main menu of the PUESC website.

If you want to use the Newsletter service:

  • register at PUESC,
  • login,
  • go to the NEWS tab in the top menu,
  • select the Manage the Newsletter service button.

After clicking on the button, a table with three columns will appear:

  1. Selected news on the Portal - if you check the checkbox in a given category (in the thematic area and / or group of services), you will be able to log in to see messages from selected categories in the NEWS tab in the left side menu in the SELECTED NEWS section. This will allow you to quickly access only messages in the subject categories that interest you.
  2. Newsletter on e-mail - if you select the checkbox in a given category (in the thematic area and / or group of services), you will receive a weekly (on Sunday) newsletter with messages in selected categories. Important messages, in particular regarding the unavailability of services, will be sent to the e-mail immediately after their publication in the News on the PUESC portal and will not be included in the weekly newsletters.
    After checking the checkboxes in this column, the "E-mail address" line will appear, which must be verified / completed.
  3. Category - these are thematic areas such as:
  • Excise duties, gambling, movements and transports,
  • Customs, border and statistics,
  • Handling of applications and guarantees,
  • KAS customer area,
  • Network services

with the specified groups of services.

Attention! You can select both the entire subject area with all service groups within that area, and a single service group.

After selecting the checkboxes you are interested in, press the "Save" button. A message appears confirming the actions performed.

If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will receive a verification message from the address to the e-mail address provided. Do not reply to this message as it will remain unanswered by KAS.

In order to activate the Newsletter service:

  • find the verification message,
  • click on the activation link.

You will be able to unsubscribe from the Newsletter service at any time by clicking on the link at the end of each message sent as part of the service or by using the "Manage the Newsletter service" button.

If you want to change the mailing address:

  • in the Newsletter service, replace the current address with a new address, use the "Save" button, and confirm the subscription to the new address in the e-mail you receive,
  • in the last message received at the current address, unsubscribe for this address by clicking on the provided link - if you do not do this, you will receive messages both to the previous address and to the new e-mail address.

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