ZSOG CAIFS II - CAIFS II Integrated Border Service, separated out of Integrated Security System for CAIFS II Customs Border Premises in 2013.

The main aim ZSOG CAIFS II is to support the functioning of the control system at the external border of the European Union, as well as the prevention of fraud, tax crimes and offenses by:

  • Conducting continuous, automated identification and monitoring of people, vehicles, means of transport in freight traffic and passenger flow in international road transport and freight traffic in the international freight railway transport and identification of potentially suspicious objects in real time.
  • Providing a procedure, dealing with suspect object.
  • Establishment and continuous replenishment of a database for the purposes of risk analysis, re-inspections and statistics.
  • Ensuring the exchange of information with external databases for information analysis.
  • Providing mechanisms and tools for risk analysis and selective customs control module.

The System operates in selected units of the Ministry of Finance covering the entire hierarchy of the Customs and Fiscal Service organization, i.e. The Ministry of Finance, Chamber of Fiscal Administration, Customs Offices - Treasury and Customs Border Branches moreover enables to:

  • Assist customs clearance and traffic control at border crossing points and support the domestic control.
  • Registration of people and means of transport, as well as other events at border crossing points and inside the country.
  • Acquisition and exchange of information about objects registered in the System.
  • Support for creating and managing reservations for objects registered in the System.

The ZSOG CAIFS II consists of the following subsystems:

  • SKR – a main subsystem ZSOG CAIFS II. It provides a central and regional layer for the other subsystems. Within the SKR subsystem, there are functioning: a central database where the data is transferred from the local sub-layer, regional databases which is a copy of the central database and SKR application provides the following modules: administration, risk analysis, reporting and provides access to user documentation,
  • SOC-O SOC-T, SOC-P, SOC-K, SOC-M - subsystems of the local layer. There is a process of data exchange among the subsystems and the central one regarding event, configuration, passwords and alerts,
  • SKR-Flota – a subsystem of the central layer used to manage the Customs Crime Combating Departments fleet,
  • ARTR - is a subsystem of the local layer adapted to the specific move at the terminal border crossing points,
  • e-Booking TRUCK (eBT) – a pilot version of the subsystem that provides business entities with the functionality of allowing electronic border booking of export service at the border crossing point in Grzechotki and at the border crossing point in Kukuryki (Truck Terminal in Koroszczyn)

e-mail: zsog.caifsII@prz.mofnet.gov.pl
tel: +48 16 676 43 68



history image 05.10.2015r. The e-Booking TRUCK service available!

Please be informed that on 5 October 2015 there has been launched a new service called e-Booking TRUCK. The service enables to make a reservation of the border export service. It is...


history image 29.09.2015r. The new service in PUESC - border service of booking the date of export procedure service e-Booking TRUCK

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