PKI – The PKI system has been developed under the implementation of one of the "e-Customs Programme" projects, in the framework 
of the 7th Axis of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme.

The PKI system ensures services enabling to protect the integrity of submitted documents by means of electronic signature and confirm the identity of their senders in the same way. For this purpose the user may apply the valid qualified certificate on PUESC, issued in one of the EU member states, or the e-PUAP trusted profile. Moreover, the PKI system offers the users a possibility to obtain a gratuitous unqualified digital certificate to be used for confirming the notices sent to the Customs Service.

Using the qualified certificate or the  e-PUAP trusted profile does not require taking additional activities – the user may apply them at any moment (provided that other requirements related to the specific service have been fulfilled, e.g. holding an account, registration, etc.). The PKI system verified the validity of signatures and certificates using the data published by relevant entities providing certification services.


In order to obtain the unqualified SC certificate it is required to create a user account on PUESC in the framework of the e-Customer service, where the identity of the applicant is also verified. Certificates are issued to natural persons. If a person represents an economic operator, the relevant rights are allocated under the SZPROT registration procedure.

Prior to submission of the application for a certificate, the user should get acquainted with the provisions of certification policies and other documents issued on their basis.

For security reasons it is recommended that user's cryptographic keys are generated and stored on a cryptographic carrier - a card of a USB token. The user is required to protect cryptographic data used for identification in contacts with the Customs Service in a proper way. In case of disclosure or suspected disclosure of the user's private key, the certificate issued should be immediately suspended or invalidated, contacting the support line of the HELP-DESK.

tel: +48 85 745 85 91



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Informujemy, że w związku z planowanymi pracami technicznymi w dniu 27.09.2020 r. w godzinach od 21:00 do 23:59 wystąpi przerwa w dostępie do usługi generowania certyfikatu celnego.

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