PDR PL/UE  – The Reference Data System developed under the implementation of one of the "e-Customs Programme" projects, in the framework 
of the 7th Axis of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme.

For the Customs Service Information System, PDR PL/UE is the source of access to current, consolidated and reliable reference data and other free variable data. PDR PL/UE is supplied with information derived from many sources, validated and controlled in the scope of validity, accuracy, precision, completeness and coherence. The system is flexible and scalable and mechanisms used for data management, creating new data sets and defining services are transparent, easy to apply and based on methods and products adopted for this type of solutions in the modern IT systems.

The activity of the Customs Service is supported by numerous IT systems. Systems implemented over the last decade were developed as independent and fully self-sustaining. Each of them has been equipped with a separate reference data system, tailored to own needs, implemented either in the form of specialised modules dedicated to CELINA, NCTS, ECS and ICS systems, or in the form of glossaries located directly in the system. Consequently, the reference bases often containing the same data, were created independently in many locations. Such an approach resulted in the loss of homogeneity and coherence of data as well as the lack of structure responsible for central management of this area and its control. In the scope of reference data, PDR PL/UE will be the sole reliable and efficient source making such data available. Its launch should significantly affect the improvement in the quality of reference data used by the SC operational systems and data made available to Customs Service customers.

e-mail: pdr.sys@kra.mofnet.gov.pl
tel: +48 12 62 90 178




history image Prace w systemie PDR w dniu 11.02.2020

Szanowni Państwo, W związku z koniecznością planowanej modyfikacji zawartości słownika  4017 PDR PL/UE informujemy, że w dniu 11 lutego br. w godz. 16:00 do 17:00 mogą wystąpić...

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Ministerstwo Finansów uprzejmie informuje, że ze względu na zaplanowanie prace serwisowe od godziny 22:00 w dniu 01 czerwca 2018 roku do godz. 24:00 w dniu 01 czerwca 2018 roku nastąpi przerwa...

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Ministerstwo Finansów uprzejmie informuje, że ze względu na zaplanowanie prace serwisowe w dniu 12 listopada 2017 roku w godz. 17.00-19.00 nastąpi przerwa techniczna w działaniu Systemu Danych...