e-Booking TRUCK

The service enables to make the date booking of  export procedure service. It is addressed to entrepreneurs operating in the area of trade with third countries, in particular carriers and drivers dealing with the international road transport. Due to the implementation of the trial version, the possibility of making reservations is limited to two customs branches - in Grzechotki (Polish-Russian border) and Koroszczyn (Polish-Belarusian border).

The service is available in the systems processed by ZSOG CAIFS II, ECIP/SEAP, PDR, SZPROT.

Objectives of the e-Booking TRUCK services:

  • reduce the time spent on accessing the border crossing point and export procedure,
  • enable the drivers, carriers and entrepreneurs to arrange schedule of transport by setting the date and time of the border service,
  • shorten the trucks' queues expecting to leave the Polish territory.

E-Booking TRUCK is addressed to every National Tax Administration business unit, interested in booking the date of  export procedure service in freight traffic.

Comprehensive use of the range of e-Booking TRUCK functionality, requires creating an account within the e-Client of CS. Then it is required to use the e-Client service to register the natural person, entity and grant power of attorney. Detailed instruction available under the link "e- client CS – manual on the electronic registration for the purposes of managing subscribing users of Fiscal and Customs information system".

Having an account of PUESC with advanced access to the IT Customs and Fiscal Service enables to make a booking on one's own behalf as well as on behalf of the entity. There is also an insight into the booking made, edition, incl. withdrawal.

Operators who create an account in the framework of e-Client simplified registration will have limited access to e-Booking TRUCK, ie. excluding the entity and representation. The account of this type entitles only to make, review and edit (including cancellation) own booking (only on one's own behalf).

There is an option to use the e-Booking TRUCK service for current users of the AES system and the NCTS 2 without the need to register details of an individual and the establishment of representation. Their data has been transferred, it should only be linked to the account, created in PUESC.

Logging in is within the PUESC portal (Platform of Fiscal and Customs Electronic Services), where the context change is potentially processed. After logging in the link "Go to e-Booking TRUCK" is available to start the System.

There is an alternative possibility to make a reservation, where obtaining an account of PUESC is not required. It is called a one-time booking, operates in less sufficient mode though and it is limited; there is no possibility to review, edit or cancel. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use e-Booking TRUCK in a full range.

You can click here to find more about e-Booking TRUCK, you do not need to log on.

Below listed links allow to create an account, to log on (account holders) and to make one-time booking (same links are located in "useful links" on the right side):

Make one-time booking