e-BTI service

The e-BIT service is a public service provided by the National Revenue Administration via the Electronic Services Portal of the Customs Service (PUESC). The service is provided by the EBTI-PL2 system, cooperating with other systems: ECIP/SEAP PL, PDR PL/UE, PKI, EOS/EORI, EBTI-3.

The service enables comprehensive electronic assistance during the application process for issuing binding tariff information (BTI) and granting BTI decisions based on the submitted application. Data of applications and issued BTI decisions are sent electronically to the European EBTI-3 Binding Information Tariff System in Brussels.

Conditions and rules of communication

Within the e-BIT service, communication between operators and the EBTI-PL2 System is performed via the ECIP/SEAP subsystem. To run communication in an efficient way, the operator must fulfil certain conditions:

  • to be registered in SISC;
  • to have an active PUESC account;
  • to use a valid electronic signature.

Access to electronic services provided by SISC is described in detail in the document describing the registration rules as part of the e-Customer service.

Applied conditions will enable access to the EBTI-PL2 System, while the operator will be able to send requests for issuing binding tariff information, the case supplementary annexes and appeals from the BTI decision, entirely via following communication channels:

  • PUESC;
  • E-mail.

Benefits of implementing the service

The implementation of the e-BIT service benefits entrepreneurs over:

  • improvement of business processes in the area of issuing binding tariff information
  • speeding up the process of providing binding tariff information
  • facilitating communication in the process of providing binding tariff information

The benefits of having a BTI decision

  • BTI is the only official, binding and free information on the tariff classification of goods, which ensures uniform and accurate use of goods nomenclature for customs purposes within the EU;
  • BTI facilitate the company management in terms of calculating expected profits since it guarantees the proper calculation of customs duties;
  • BTI helps fixing export refunds and any other amounts disposed for export or import within the Common Agricultural Policy;
BTI reduces the time of customs clearance.






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history image Launch of the e-BTI service

We would like to inform you about the launch on December 31, 2018 e-BTI services. More information in the service description .