e-Transit is one of the electronic services available via the Electronic Services Platform PUESC. E-Transit enables handling and monitoring of transit operations in the NCTS2 system.

Who is it for?
e-Transit allows the traders to submit electronic union and TIR transit declaration data and ensures their subsequent monitoring. The transit data are exchanged as electronic messages in real time. 


Benefits for traders
e-Transit offers clear advantages , including:

  • faster clearances in transit;
  • earlier discharge of transit operations and faster release of the guarantee;
  • reduced costs of resources to perform transit operations;
  • enhanced clarity of information relating to goods in transit;
  • faster handling of simplified transit procedures (authorised  consignor/authorised consignee).

If you experience problems using our e-Transit service, please contact our NCTS Help Desk by phone at +48 42 638 8017 or email your enquiry at helpdesk@ncts-centrum.mofnet.gov.pl




history image Nowa instrukcja dotycząca realizacji usługi e-Tranzyt z 4.07.2019 r.

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