008. How can I get an advanced access level to ECIP/SEAP system?

The advanced access level is destined for people, who want to use the full range of the services provided by SISC. The advanced access level is represented by ID SISC number (a unique ID granted, within SISC, to a natural or legal person) visible in the My account bookmark upon granting the ID.  

An advantage of the advanced access level  is also a possibility of getting a free unqualified SC certificate that one can use when authentication  electronic documents  sent to SISC (provided other specific provisions do not  require application of another method (for example, QES- a qualified electronic signature.

There are two ways to get the advanced access to the portal:

The first one is applied when a user had previously used the Customs Service information systems, and thus, the user had been verified by the Customs Service;

Picture 1.  Window with advanced access level

To go to the advanced access level option, select My account at the top of the right panel. There, in a section To get the advanced access level select one of the following options (W celu uzyskania zaawansowanego poziomu dostępu wybierz jedną z opcji)- one should choose one of the options suggested:

  • I have got a login and a password within PDR (in terms of CELINA, ECS/ICS, INTRASTAT needs.
  • I have got an email and a fingerprint for the needs of EMCS
  • I have got a certificate of IDSISC Assignment in a written form
  • I want to file an electronic registration statement

NOTE: In case you have got the access to both CELINA, ECS, ICS/and/or INTRASTAT, and EMCS,- select the first option.

In case, you have selected the last option, that isI want to fill in an electronic registration statement (Chcę złożyć elektroniczny wniosek o rejestrację) , and your decision has been confirmed by us by pressing Start, then in the next step you are moved to the Natural Person Registration (Formularz Rejestracyjny Osoby Fizycznej) form.  Also, you can get this document when choosing from the upper toolbar Services catalogue  -> e-Forms (Katalog usług- eFormularze), and then, searching a form Natural Person Registration within SZPROT (Rejestracja Osoby Fizycznej w systemie SZPROT).

For more information on how to fill in the forms on PUESC, read the Filling in and generation  xml file from the form (Wypełnianie i generowanie pliku xml z formularza) Chapter.