007. Can I edit my profile?

When choosing the My account option (that is located  at the top of the right panel), the user is directed to a subpage, where viewing and editing user`s personal data is possible:

In the left column the user`s personal data and account options are shown :

  • Edit personal data- allows to change user`s name and surname.

Thanks to entering into this option, a window enabling changing your personal data such as: Name; Middle name; Surname (this option is available to users having the elementary access level);and an E-mail address. When changing the e-mail address, one should bear in mind, the e-mail address is also PUESC login. So, logging will take place when using the new address. In case of carrying out this operation, no activation link is sent. To save the data, click the Confirm button.

  • Change password- allows to change user`s access password.
  • Change emergency password- allows to change user`s access password
  • Generate a new S.C. Certificate- creates, within PKI, a new user authentication certificate, that later on can be used for signing all the documents sent by him to SISC.  
  • Delete account-  removes the account from PUESC permanently.

The right column shows both successful and unsuccessful loggings . It also shows a list of operations carried out by the user on the account. The precise time of carrying out the actions is given, too.