010. I had already used the Information Systems of The Customs Service. Can the advanced access to the portal be granted to me, without filing the electronic registration form?

Persons registered within PDR , to use CELINA, ECS, ICS, and/or INTRASTAT:

Data registered under  PDR have been transferred to SISC.  What is needed to get the access to SISC, is creation the account on PUESC and linking the account (using the option available within My account bookmark)  with the system data . Next, one should verify the correctness of the links generated.

On base of authorizations registered within PDR, the authorized persons  can act in the same scope, as before, without filing the data update applications.

Persons who send messages to NCTS only:

In case the persons had never been registered within PDR to send messages to CELINA/INTRASTAT/ICS/ECS, and had not got a key for a secure data transmission, to continue sending  the messages to NCTS2, should, after setting up the account on PUESC, register  within SISC.

Next, one should apply for a  non-qualified certificate of The Customs Service (in case they do not possess the qualified one, or ePUAP  trusted profile). One should, however, bear in mind, the NCTS2 applications will have to be duly authorized.  

In case of applications sent to NCTS2 there is no need to show qualifications for sending application on behalf of an economic operator. Thereby there is no need to register, within SISC, links that exist between  the economic operator and a person  authorized. In this case, however, there is no possibility of access to documents and information concerning the economic operator.

Persons sending messages to EMCS PL:

After the account is set up on PUESC, one should link the account with data  by selection a proper option available in the My account bookmark.

Persons owning a secure data transmission key, provided by CBTD:

A Representative, who used the secure data transmission key provided by CBTD, is allowed to use this key continually to sign, with an electronic signature, electronic documents to be sent to SISC, until the key validity date. One should bear in mind, however, the certificates will not be renewed.

Applying for a new non-qualified certificate of The Customs Service prior to its expiry date, by persons possessing the secure data transmission key,  is recommended.