1. Register of SENT notifications on the PUESC Platform

Question 1.01:
Is there an electronic system where I should register my transactions?

Question 1.02:
How is it possible to register and amend declarations in SENT, on the PUESC platform?

Question 1.03:
Is the standard registration of an employee in PUESC, without any keys, non-qualified certificates, etc. sufficient for submission of declarations to the SENT system?

Question 1.04:
Will the PUESC Platform verify whether the entity or the natural person indicated by us as the consignee of the goods holds an account on this platform? Will the Platform demonstrate this fact and fail to generate the reference number for a given carriage if the Platform demonstrates this fact?

Question 1.05:
Is there a possibility to test the submission of declarations of carriage? 

Question 1.06:
Is the test submission of the declarations of goods carriage by e-mail already active

Question 1.07:
Is the IT system to service the monitoring system prepared to handle a huge quantity of data that will be submitted thereto?   Is it adequately secured against hacker attacks which may lead to data leakage from the system?

Question 1.08:
How long will be the waiting time for registration of a given carriage in the system and allocation of the reference number and how long will be the waiting time for potential modification of a given declaration of carriage.

Question 1.09:
What is the foreseen fallback procedure in case of failure of the register?

Question 1.10:
Is it enough to use the scheme of accepted declaration from the PUESC system (eg.SENT_200), change the data and send them another time by e-mail in case of the PUESC failure?

Question 1.11:
Are any training activities foreseen within the operation of the SENT system? 

Question 1.12:
What does unavailability of the register mean? Does it only mean the failure of the system or also the lack of access to the Internet link or failure to use the Internet (lack of skills to use and handle the Internet) by a given entity?

Question 1.13:
Can a company set up a PUESC account?

Question 1.14:
What is the difference between a simple PUESC account and an advanced account and who must hold a given type of account?

Question 1.15:
Is the consignee which authorised other company to close the declarations obligated to set up its PUESC account?

Question 1.16:
Will entering the data in the SENT register require authentication of an employee on a case-by-case basis, using a qualified signature, or will an unqualified signature be sufficient?

Question 1.17:
How should the declaration of carriage be filled in the "Information on the goods" section in the scope of the quantity and gross mass of the goods?

Question 1.18:
Can declarations related to the creation of an advanced account be also lodged in a hard copy?

Question 1.19:
How should a foreign entity set up an advanced account on the PUESC Platform?

Question 1.20:
I face problems related to setting up an advanced PUESC account. Who can help me?

Question 1.21:
I have the PUESC account created for the purpose of sending INTRASTAT reports. Can I operate the monitoring system for the road transport of goods by means of this account?

Question 1.22:
How is it possible to check whether the reference number is valid?

Question 1.23:
Can one carrier key be used by the multiple carriers who are transporting the consignment in question (a change of carriers happened during transport)?

Question 1.24:
Should the volume of the heating oil or diesel oil being transported be in liters at 15 degrees C or actual liters?